Tech traveller's best friend

if you are a techy traveller like me, you are most probable carrying more than one wi-fi enabled device with you. And most probably you have got some grey hair while trying to connect all those devices into Internet, over variously configured hotel networks.

Here is a tip: carry your own WiFi base station or router with you and save yourself from multiple the setup agony.

Not now dear, I’m fixing our Windows PC

I have been running a PC at the living room for some years now. After trying out various ways to stream music or videos from Internet or home data storage appliances, PC turned out to be the best tool for the purpose. The dedicated living room audio-visual streamers I tried out were usually easy to use, but always had some restriction that prevented me taking them in real use – it was a continous nightmare of unsupported video codecs and failed UPnP connections.

One weird way to spend time during a flight

Once upon time, I was on board of Airbus A320 heading back to Finland from some a distant southern corner of Europe. The flight was too long to just sit it through but too short that I’d have prepared properly with books and stuff. Additionally, it was the dullest place in the plane I was sitting at: I saw a grey wing through the window instead of a beautiful sky view.